mBank SA

Dear Sirs,

mBank S.A. is a public trust institution observing all business rules and norms. It is of great importance to us that our activity be perceived by all stakeholders as transparent and honest.

We are aware of the fact that sometimes we do not manage to do this. Errors, irregularities and even frauds may occur in our business. We want to know about them because only then we may prevent them effectively.

Therefore we make the whistleblowing system available to you. You can use this simple application to inform us about potential frauds which could be committed by the employees of mBank.

The application must not be used to file complaints!

We guarantee that the information provided by you will be kept secret except for the cases where disclosing the information and data of the persons providing it is required under the applicable law.

Whistleblowing Policy
Why should I send such a report?
What reports can be sent in the system?
How can I send a report and set up a secured postbox?
How can I receive feedback and remain anonymous?